About the Artist

Julie Andrews is a professional artist with a focus on painting. Her art work is marketed throughout the United States by galleries, showrooms and designers, including specialty departments of major retailers, Macy's and Nordstrom. Julie's work has been featured in home design magazines and gift catalogs, such as House Beautiful, Halls and Pot-Pourri.


Julie uses oil, watercolor, pastel, graphite and colored pencil in her paintings. Single or mixed-medium is used to achieve a variety of styles. Her paintings are rich in color, have a strong value contrast and are detailed. The subject matter ranges from landscapes, seascapes, botanicals, and portraits of people and animals.

Julie teaches beginning through advanced private and group art classes in her studio, higher education institutions and community art facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Julie has worked with a variety of populations through art for 35 years. She has a BA in Art with a concentration in painting. In addition, she is a credentialed art instructor and a registered Art Therapist.

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