Greeting Cards

Unique greeting cards of Julie's artwork are available for purchase for $4.00 each or four for $15.00, including envelopes. The cards are blank inside and appropriate for any occasion. Custom cards are available upon request. Select any combination of designs, specify the number(s) of cards desired of each design on the order form and e-mail the form to us. Or, if desired, you may place your order by phone at (650) 595-0197 or by fax at (650) 631-9220. Click here to download the order form.

A-001 A002 A003 A004 A005
A-001 A-002 A-003 A-004 A-005
A006 F001 F002 F003 F004
A-006 F-001 F-002 F-003 F-004
F005 F006 F007 F008 F009
F-005 F-006 F-007 F-008 F-009
F010 F011 F012 F013 F014
F-010 F-011 F-012 F-013 F-014
F015 F016 F017 F018 F019
F-015 F-016 F-017 F-018 F-019
F02 F020 F021 F022 F023
F-020 F-021 F-022 F-023 F-024
F024 F026 S001 S002 S004
F-025 F-026 S-001 S-002 S-004
S005 S006 S007 S008 S009
S-005 S-006 S-007 S-008 S-009
S010 S011 S012 S013 S014
S-010 S-011 S-012 S-013 S-014
Telephone: (650) 595-0197  Fax: (650) 631-9220